About Us

Premchand Badrilal mutha (born 14th Feb 1945 at Nanded Maharashtra,) in a Jain Swetamber family. Father Badrilal Mutha and Mother Subhadrabai Mutha. Education B.com (1964), LL.B (1967) Married (1967) to Sudhadevi D/o Mohanlal and Jayashree Lunawat, PUNE. I have one son & one daughter, daughter in law one grandson and one granddaughter. All residing at Aurangabad, Maharashtra. In 1994 on fine day I had a dream that “I should take darshan of One Lakh Jain Marble Idols (Aras Pratimaji), After some days casually I discussed about my dream with my wife She said very good, but our financial condition was not so sound that we could fulfill this dream. Even though it was difficult but still I didn’t lose hope. In 1995 we both started darshan of Jain Temples. But unfortunately my wife fell ill in 1999 and expired in March 2004. As she always told me, let me go, so that you can complete your darshan of all temples. I was very much disturbed but I thought that time has to go on, so I started going to Tirth/Temples and started keeping a record of it. I made it a AIM of my life, now to visit various places and taking JAIN MANDIR Darshan. Further, before starting darshan I could recollect old memories of my mother. This is an instance of 1960, in those days people did not allow to take photographs. I wanted to take a photo of my mother but she was reluctant. I casually told her that I want her photo for printing it in a religious book. At that time it was not at all planned nor was it in my mind to do so, as my age was merely 15 years. But after so many years the words told, took a form of a Religious Book called “Jinalaya Vidhi”. It was printed in 2004 and I started offering one book in every temple I visited. Four editions of the book are printed having a total of 7500 copies. From time to time I was guided by God to make ‘chunaris’ for ‘Devi’, and I bought the clothes for this and stitched over 2500 chunaris. I was helped by my daughter for this work. I also stitched 70 ‘chandrava puthiya’ for tirths and temples. So it all began and I started collecting information from all the possible sources and started making route/plans, so that a proper time schedule with economy is maintained and I started visiting various places for darshan. God helped me at every stage and this could be felt at every stage. I could feel that at every place I visited I could get a good Rickshawala or other jain person or a poojari or somebody who would take me to all the temples. It is very difficult in big cities to get address or place as so many temples are there and time and money was also the factor. But God has helped me so much that it is his Grace that till today I could complete darshan of so many temples. Because travelling in a limited budget is very difficult as to go from place to place by bus and I would take a rickshaw for local travelling. I could feel God’s Grace every time he helped me to plan my trip and helped me to complete it successfully. Till date all my trips were excellent without any obstructions, no ill health, nor any loss. I am very much thankful to God that till today he has guided and taking care of me as I travel alone. Whereever I go people feel surprised that I have alone come for darshan. During this yatra I met Sadhviji Mokshnanditashriji of Limbdi at Dungarpur (Rajasthan). She Blessed me that wherever I will go people will come forward on their own and will take you for darshan of temples. The blessing has come true. Wherever I go people come forward and help me by their own. I had tears in my eyes at many places because GOD for whom I have been praying has given me darshan. I could feel that God was looking at me with a smile on His face. Throughout this journey I could feel GOD’s presence with me. There are many instances of His presence. 1. At Khemal (Rajasthan) while walking I was thinking that what will be the result of my one lakh Pratimaji Darhan. Same night I got a dream and I got my answer saying “ Darshanam Dev Devasya, Darshanam Paap Nashanam, Darshanam Swarg sopanam Darshanam Moksh Sadhanam”. I hope God will help me like this only in future also. 2. At Udaipur I met a poojari, whom I asked for help, to show me the way to temples, he himself came with me, helped me in doing the darshan, then I asked him for route to Nathdwara, he showed me the way, I gave him some money and offered him breakfast. As he finished his breakfast, he started weeping. I asked him what the reason was? He explained me that, last night he had a dream in which God said him that a person will meet you tomorrow, whom you have to take to temple for darshan, and I met you. There are many instances and it is really very difficult to explain in words as to how all this goes on and how I go, take darshan and come back throughout my journey. I had many such instances and I know that for darshan always God will help me. I am trying to get all information from the available sources and see to it that God help in completing my mission of one lakh Pratimaji’s darshan. My friends ask me Mr. Mutha who is accompanying you for yatra. I told Bhagwan is with me, they would ask who that person is; I say God himself is with me and not any person. Throughout this journey I have been supported by my son, daughter-in-law, Grandson & granddaughter. They are all with me in this mission and help me in all possible ways, as they all have their own engagements. During this journey, I also captured photos of Gods and Temples. I have manged to capture near about 2500 photos, some of which are uploaded on this site. Thus I pray god to help me and give me the courage, Strength, Health, Wealth and Vision to complete my mission of ONE LAKH Pratimaji’s darshan. I hope I will be soon successful in this unique mission and achieve the AIM of my life.